DaVinci’s Locally Social Initiative:

We pride ourselves in being a local and social organization who will go that extra distance for the benefit of our local and social communities. Our Locally Social Initiative emerges from our deeply rooted desire to succeed globally while retaining our ties to local communities and helping them progress together in the digital era.

Team DaVinci strives to support local emerging businesses, not-for-profits, city councils, charities, governments and more in our local communities though our “Locally Social Initiative”.
Our team members in the GTA region celebrate Local Thursday Drives where we reach out to you for short meet and greets, coaching and consultation sessions. This is a no cost, no obligation consultation where we personally meet about 20-30 organizations in your neighbourhood giving them an in-house free workshop on a topic of their choice.

We welcome a 2 way engagement with you and you could place special requests by chatting with us here: Live Chat.. Alternatively, feel free to send us a detailed request of what you would like us to do for you any Thursday by filling out our contact form on this page: Contact Us.

Although we can’t help you build a spaceship (yet.. .), we would be glad to assist you with any of the below topics, kindly advise us of what you are looking for in detail so we can make the most of our time together.

Need a Website
Monetize my Website
Get Website Traffic
Business Consulting
Press Releases
Start a Business
Grow Sales
Technology / IT Consulting
Social Media Management
Automate my Business
All Inclusive Marketing Strategy
Apps & Softwares

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