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Our Team at DaVinci loves engaging in conversations and projects where we can lend our IT & Business Consulting expertise to your business. Our team experience is cultivated and developed by working with and for successful Fortune 500 Companies, Start-Ups, Small and Mid size businesses in competitive markets. We bring to you a unique vantage point to not only assess your business and its health but also to create solutions through our IT & Business Consulting Services. If you engage DaVinci, we will work relentlessly to help you scale up by implementing the right systems, technology, methods, processes and resources to reach your business goals.

What is IT Consulting by DaVinci?

Information Technology Consulting, or IT Consulting is a very strategic and tactical service in our view. It involves designing and implementing effective systems, technology and processes that help support and scale your business. First we establish your organizations status quo and what it would take for it to thrive in your competitive landscape (Say Point A). We then understand your vision, goals and objectives for the business (Say Point B). This helps us come up with technologies and systems that can help you move from Point A to Point B with set milestones and timelines.
Finally, we implement these agreed solutions by strategic procurement, DevOps, deployment, configuration and testing. Transparency in our work allows you to track milestones, our collective progress and ultimately when you are satisfied, we sign-off!
We pride ourselves on taking this thoughtful approach to integrate your business with the best & cost effective technology. This is how we believe IT Consulting works at its best.

What is Business Consulting by DaVinci?

Business Consulting is a vast set of services that your business may require. The first step is identifying and acknowledging that you may require some help to achieve your business goals and objectives. Our engagement process is similar to how we have outlined above in IT Consulting. The major differentiation here is that we provide you solutions that are non-technical or a hybrid of technical and business oriented solutions to get you from Point A to Point B.
Some examples of our Business Consulting Services to drive the point home are: Recruitment & Outsourcing, Start-up Management, Management Advisory, Skill Based Coaching, Sales Enablement, Client Success, Loyalty Management, Organizational Evaluation & Re-Structuring, Marketing & Brand Realization, Change Management, Business Planning, Business Idea & Market Research, Acquisition and Mergers, Financial Management & Accounting etc.
Mostly perceived as buzzwords, businesses and anyone in general often don’t know what they don’t know.
Why wait? Let’s connect for a Live Chat (Free) and find out!

Do I really need IT & Business Consulting?

Whether you are a 2-10 person operation or a company of 500; you may benefit from occasional or full-time Business & IT Consulting Services. Some immediate indicators of a business needing help are: Deadlines not being met, High Resource Costs, Low ROI, Legacy Systems being used that can’t function the way you wish today, Revenue Flatling, Bad Reviews, Losing Customers, Not finding the right / not being able to develop existing talent etc.

Please ask yourself a few questions in addition to reflecting on the above and then come to an informed conclusion:
1. Has my revenue or profit scaled Quarterly / Yearly?
2. Is my resource cost to output ratio disproportionate?
3. Is the system (technology) I am using for operating my business well configured to reduce errors, manual inputs?
4. Are my business goals and revenue targets being met?
5. Can I handle more customers?
6. Are my employees happy?

If you have answered “No” to any of this, we may be able to help you get from Point A to Point B..

Whether you need our Managed IT & Business Services, where we take on the responsibility of managing and caring for your technology and business demands regularly, or our professional services to deliver on that one-time initiative or project. This (yes, all of this) is where we come in. For as little or as much as you need. Think of us as IT consulting on demand, ready to scale up to meet all of your business IT needs.

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